Made by hand

Main Line

Every story has to start somewhere and ours started with the SIGLO range. Named after Cigars, a passion passed down to me by my late Grandfather who spent much of his youth growing up in the grounds of a Cigar Factory.

Over time this collection has grown to include numerous styles all made using the same traditional techniques honed over 100's of years of shoemaking.

Our shoes are made using the highest quality materials and are left on the last for up to 2 weeks to ensure the Leather or Suede moulds into a superior shape and fit.

All our packaging, the boxes, shoe bags and even our laces are handmade in England using recycled materials. We are committed to sustainability and minimising our impact on the environment.

Designed in London and worn all over the world, re-interpreted classics with a modern twist handcrafted by Artisans and Master Shoemakers in England.

A perfect blend of old and new.