“Good shoes take you good places, they are with you for life”

My middle name is Marcus, it’s the name I inherited from my Grandfather, the original Marcus de Almeida and the man whose words are quoted above. For me he was the embodiment of those rare qualities, charm, charisma, style and elegance. I looked up to him from my earliest memories.

As a young boy he would tell me stories of how, during the war, he and his brothers would make their shoes out of old tyres and string. Then later as a man starting out in his career he would buy the best shoes he could afford telling me “remember, a man should always start with his shoes”.

It was these words along with his stories of travel and adventure in a bygone era, that first inspired me to study the art of shoemaking as a young man. Later those same words would inspire me to dedicate the brand name to him and keep his memory alive. It seemed the perfect name.

Driven by an ambition to create a product and a brand sustainable over time with a focus on craftsmanship, we create products that can last a lifetime. We encapsulate a spirit but never prescribe to a certain look, from iconic styles to reinterpreted classics. Keeping traditions alive, every pair of Marcus De shoes is handcrafted by Artisans in Northampton, the centre of luxury English shoemaking for centuries.

“Remember, they’ll take you good places”